Jetson Orin: MGBE 2.5G mode

Hi NV Support Team
Orin module provides four MGBE and datasheet"DS-10662-001_v1.0" MGBE controller can independently operate in 2.5 Gbps, 5 Gbps, or 10 Gbps, But i find the “Adaptation_and_Bringup_for_Jetson_AGX_Orin.” only support XFI 5G or XFI 10G, I dont find the config for 2.5G.
So can you please confirm if Orin drvier BSP support MGBE 2.5G mode.


2.5G shall be covered in any of the combination of above.

So the below connection is support for Jetson Orin MGBE0 XFI with other vender ethernet switch SGMII 2.5G mode ?


Any update?

yes, it should work.

I can not find the config for 2.5G in below bringup document.


The phy mode cannot set to 2.5G but the line speed can set to 2.5G. Is it okay for you?
It is just like when you use 1G network, you can still set the speed to 100M.


Hi WayneWWW:

even XFI set is 10G mode,when Tx(AQR113C PHY) connect a 100M reticle,the line speed is 100M.
when automated negotiation. the AQR113C PHY set 100M,and told the Orin MAC 100M speed. What’s the step Orin MAC do?
and Orin MAC intergrate PCS and PMA?

If you disable the auto negotiation and manually set it to 10G, will it work?

What is the exact question you want to ask here? Since we don’t provide the detail of Orin MAC, we need to know what is your exact question so that we can answer.

For example, the PMA function is handled by Orin’s UPHY, but not directly on MAC. I don’t know if telling such info to you could help or not.

Hi WayneWWW:

I want to know the architecture of the data access:
like below picture?

It is MAC<-> PCS<-> UPHY <-> PHY.

like this?

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