Jetson Orin Nano boot sequence?

Hi, I’m new here, I have got a Jetson Orin Nano board. Currently, I have installed 36.2 image to PCIe SSD successfully.

But I looked into “Hello AI World” it tells me that I should try SD card image, which has a latest version 2020.10.21. So I’m quite a little bit confused.

Note: I think it might have several boot options: net/sd/usb/pcie, is there any kind of bios option like x86? How can I access the bootloader? Any links?

Is there anyone can help:

  1. How to configure proper boot sequence to let SD card image to boot first, if it’s NOT there then boot from PCIe.
  2. It seems that SD card image is quite old, is there any latest version? Any link available for me to get download.


If you already get NVMe drive to work properly, then there is really no need to care about SD card.
However, if you really need it:
For changing boot orders, press ESC when the UEFI logo shows up during boot.
You will get into the UEFI menu, then select Boot Maintenance ManagerBoot OptionsChange Boot Order.

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