Jetson Orin Nano Display Port not working

My team and I have successfully flashed JetPack onto an Orin Nano and were able to display from the display port once but never again. We have attempted rebooting and using different displays.

Is it NV devkit or custom board? Or you are not sure what I am asking?

It is a custom board with Orin Nano 8gb installed onto it which specifically stopped working after shutdown

  1. What does that mean " specifically stopped working after shutdown"?
    Why the board can still work after shutdown?

  2. Is there any NV devkit on your side that can validate your DP monitor?

  1. Display port stopped working, the board still works fine from what we can tell. We know that the micro-usb is still working.

  2. No we do not

  1. You could share your /var/log/Xorg.0.log to us

  2. It is highly possible to be a hardware defect as this is custom board. One or two times working does not really mean the hardware is correct.
    Better doing cross check with NV devkit.

Xorg.0.log (13.9 KB)
this work?

Is this with display connected? The log indicates there is no monitor connected.

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