Jetson orin nano fail to login

Yesterday, I burned the image of JP511 to a 64GB SD card, successfully initialized and connected it headlessly, downloaded Conda, and replaced all system sources with mirror sources.

However, today, when I tried to boot up the Jetson Orin Nano, I waited for a long time but did not see any serial ports, USB0, RNDIS. I connected the Ethernet cable and Type-C cable to the computer, and used a serial to TTL converter to link the computer to the Jetson via the pins next to it, and found that the system could be accessed.

But when I used ifconfig, I found that eth0 did not have an IP address, and on the host computer, there was no sign of USB0, RNDIS, or serial ports that should normally appear when the system successfully boots up.

When I debugged the serial port, the startup output and ifconfig output was as follows:
boot.txt (58.8 KB)
ifconfig.txt (1.4 KB)

FYI, eth0 is not the USB virtual device, but it did show it had sent and received bytes without error (this is what you would see if there was a DHCP query, but no DHCP response to assign IP address). Is there a router on the wired ethernet?

So far as the virtual networking goes, what do you see from:
sudo systemctl status nv-l4t-usb-device-mode.service

I don’t see rndis0 at all.