Jetson Orin Nano Getting Started


I was trying to boot with my Orin Nano but I get an HDMI signal error, I am using a display-hdmi adapter. I followed all the necessary steps to start, I connected the mouse and keyboard, inserted the SD card with the latest image(jp60dp-orin-nano-sd-card-image) flashed and connected the hdmi to the adapter. After that I connect the power-supply to the Orin Nano, and the Orin Nano starts working and the monitor shows the home page with the NVIDIA logo, a few seconds later a message appears saying: ‘NO signal’ and the screen goes black.

The specs of my monitor are these ASUS VY279HE-W - 27" FullHD Monitor (1920x1080, IPS, 16:9, HDMI x1, 75 Hz, 1ms MPRT, FreeSync, Color Boost, Blue Light Filter, Anti Flicker), White.

I don’t understand what’s going on.

Thank you very much in advance.

What type of connector is the HDMI adapter going to? For example, is it DisplayPort? VGA? Not all types have a DDC wire, which is where the configuration comes from. DisplayPort is ok, VGA is not. Among DVI, only the digital DVI-d has that (some people say older VGA got this added, but those use the first EDID protocol, and despite the newer EDID2 supposedly being backwards compatible…which is itself ancient…it isn’t really compatible…at least not with this driver).

Thanks for the reply.

It was a problem with the last Jet Pack version, it is solved.

could u share how u fixed the problem? i’m also facing some problems like your problem.

thanks in advance


I have re-flashed the SD card with a previous version of Jetpack, the 5.1, and it has already worked.

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