Jetson Orin Nano_How to change the order of boot device?

Hi all,

When I boot up Orin Nano Dev Kit, it takes long time. (It takes max 3 or 4 minuts…)
I think the root cause of this behavior as below.

When boot up Orin Nano Dev Kit, it check some boot device from Ethernet or SD Device.
As per my inspection, it checking step takes many many time becuase it checking step start from ethernet inspite of my enviroment needs to boot up from SD card.

#1. I would like to change the order of boot device from below settng.
How to do it?

#2. If above #1 is can’t, how disable to boot up from ethernet?


Hi atshiro_hirano,

Are you connecting the ethernet cable during boot up?
You could refer to the following thread about switch the boot-order.
Boot problem on live device - #8 by KevinFFF


Thanks for update.
I could change the bootorder from default setting.
Now our Orin Nano can boot up from SD device as a 1st boot device.

There are no futher questions, so let we close this case.


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