Jetson Orin Nano I2C for camera interface be used with I2C sensor?

Jetson Orin Nano has 4 I2C interface. one of them is CAM_I2C(pin 213,215). Due to sensor IC is on IO board with camera. Can this CAM_I2C use for sensor I2C?

hello joyoung_chiang

please download Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification
you should check [Figure 1-1. Jetson Orin Nano Block Diagram]. it’s actually used CAM_I2C for camera communications.

Sorry to confued you.
I will use Jetson Orin nano to build our own PCB board. It will use small board connect MIPI Cam and I2C sensor.
Due to CAM_I2C has it dedicate name for CAM, can this Cam_I2C also can comunicate other device? not only for Ccamera. if not, I need to link not only CAN_I2C but also another I2C port to the small board.

hello joyoung_chiang

you may see-also i2c device tree for reference,
for example, $public_sources/kernel_src/hardware/nvidia/soc/t23x/kernel-dts/tegra234-soc/tegra234-soc-i2c.dtsi
cam_i2c it’s actually using cam_i2c: i2c@3180000, you may use this to communicate with other devices.

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