Jetson Orin Nano otg Mount device read only

I am using Jetson Orin Nano to connect to Windows but do not have read and write permissions. How do I set up to directly use a OTG data cable for data exchange between my computer and Jetson Orin Nano?

You’d probably need to set up SAMBA and exporting as a network service. The OTG port is using an example of a read-only filesystem export which is a small loopback mounted file pretending to be a partition. The actual Linux system runs an ext4 partition type which Windows is not able to understand. Furthermore, there are a lot of technical problems with security should you either switch to another filesystem like VFAT or NTFS (much of the system is unable to operate like that). If you want to add another disk which can be understood by both the Jetson and Windows, but not be the booted filesystem, then that is fairly easy over the OTG port.

If you just want to exchange data I’d recommend using either wired or wireless networking in combination with ssh and scp.

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