Jetson Orin Nano RTSP default codec?

I believe there is no hw-encoder and decoder on jetson orin nano.
The tests with deepstream on mp4 file give better fps than a rtsp source.
I sent the same mp4 file via rtsp and i was getting lower fps when running deepstream with source as Mp4.

So how does this work?
a) How to provide RTSP in a codec for which no hwencoder / decoder is required?
b) if same file is sent over rtsp why is fps low?

Please help

Please share what command you are running so that we can check and suggest next. For Orin Nano we use software encoder x264enc and you can see the code in the samples:

/opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream6.3/sources/apps/sample_apps$ grep x264enc ./ -r
./deepstream-dewarper-test/deepstream_dewarper_test.c:      h264enc = gst_element_factory_make ("x264enc" ,"x264enc");
./deepstream-testsr/deepstream_test_sr_app.c:            gst_element_factory_make ("x264enc", "encoder-post-osd");

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