Jetson Orin Nano (using offical Nvidia carrier board)

Hi All,

We are using a Jetson Orin Nano 8GB / Orin NX16 on the official Nvidia Carrier Board, the setup is in an enclosure and powered via main 12V battery of a vehicle via the DC power barrel V_IN.
Everything is running smoothly (enough current is flowing to the unit) but when we start the vehicle engine and the battery temporarily drop in voltage the Orin Nano 8 GB / NX 16 get stuck and don’t reset automatically remaining is a “frozen” status.
To release it we need to cut the power and reconnect the power.
Is there not a brown out detector or similar that at least reset the unit in case of voltage drop? What is the best solution to at least reset the module when a voltage drop occur?


All Jetsons are quite sensitive to voltage regulation. There is basically close to zero chance any Jetson would work with even a much less severe voltage drop. I would suggest a combination buck/boost regulator.

Incidentally, Jetsons are also full computers despite the small size. They are also sensitive to failure if hit with voltage spikes of the nature which a regular computer might be damaged by. I suggest also protection from spikes (a buck/boost regulator might do that job). Directly connecting to a bus which drops in voltage, and especially when that drop is due to an inductive load (which a starter motor is) is quite dangerous to the hardware.

Imagine if this were a home computer, and something causes all of the lights in the house to dim. Such a case would cause most home computers to also fail unless they have an UPS with brownout protection (not all UPS provide a good sine wave under brownout).

Hi, such use case is not allowed as it might damage devkit board. A stable power supply is must. In addition, the system could be stuck for such sudden voltage drop and rise as it needs time to discharge rails during power loss.

Thanks for the hints, we will proceed and add a traco power DC / DC coverter / booster 9…18 V input like the TEL 15-1212N - DC/DC Converter 9 … 18V 12V 1.25A 15W
before the power barrel V_IN


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