Jetson Orin Nano with 8 GSML CSI Camera

We have old edge device which is using Jetson AGX Xavier with 8 GSML CSI cameras for real time inference. Currently, we are studying the cost optimisation with Jetson Nano Orin. From the specification table, we found that Jetson Nano Orin does support 8 virtual lanes GSML CSI cameras. However, we could not find any existing product on the market to support this feature.

Does Nvidia have any study about the performance of Jetson Nano Orin with 8 virtual lanes GSML CSI cameras ?
Besides, do the virtual Channel framework applying to the Jetson Nano Orin too, Jetson Virtual Channel with GMSL Camera Framework — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation ?


  1. No, but suppose camera partner should have it.
  2. Yes

Thanks @ShaneCCC ! We are glad to know the partner if Nvidia knows that!

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