Jetson Orin Nano with XIMEA XiC camera and GStreamer

I have an Jetson Orin Nano Development Kit, connected with two USB3 cameras from XIMEA XiC family. If I works with them using XIMEA’s AP, all works well. But if I tried to use Deepstream SDK I’m receive an error messages ‘no /dev/video0’. Manufacturer says that this cameras are “do not conform to the video4linux standard”. Is it possible to find a solution of this problem?

hello igor.nechaiev,

do you meant those camera device did not register video nodes to the system?
please check… $ ls /dev/video* and sharing the results.

Hi! ls /dev/video* shows nothing, there are now such devices in the system. XIMEA cameras are not conforms V4L standart

okay… so that’s not supported.

Yes… Thanks

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