Jetson Orin NX 16 G Jetpack 6.0 Upgrade Issue

I have been trying to upgrade my Jetson Orin NX 16G to Jetpack 6. I tried to upgrade it using the DP before the production was released and faced the same issue. I start with a blank nvme SSD, and use the SDK Manager to upgrade the device. The following video shows what happens on boot. I am not sure why this occurs. Another issue I am facing is that there is no WiFi option in settings, which could be due to no support for my chip in this release (Intel Model 8265NGW).

I am trying to install Autoware on the Orin NX. And always come into some problem after following their steps which leads to the Jetson crashing or not being able to boot up after a reboot. I have tried installing it on other Jetpack versions like 5.1.x and works fine but the version of Autoware I need to test runs on Ubuntu 22.04.

Don’t put video, bro.
It helps nothing at all.

DevKit/custom board?

I was just posting what issue I am facing, I had posted a description before, yet no one had replied, so I decided to post a video to get next steps on debugging. And at the moment I do not have a USB to TTL cable.

I don’t even know what the issue is.
It already gets into the Ubuntu login screen, then what’s the issue?

Then get one.

Please also answer this.

With every other flash that I have done the booting sequence is not shown on start up. The system will and should just show me the login in screen. Jetpack 6.0 is the only one that boots up this way and I am not sure if this is normal. The board is from Yahboom (Developer Kit):

This is expected. Nothing to panic about.
It doesn’t show up on JetPack 5 because Orin doesn’t support framebuffer console with JetPack 5.
(Like the one you will get on an x86 PC by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1/2/3…)

Alright, thank you for that. Is there anyway I can find out whether or not I need to change my Wifi chip, I am assuming that it isnt supported.

Looks like the driver for Intel WiFi chips is not enabled in the default kernel config.
You can build it as a kernel module so you just copy the output .ko file to your device to make it work:

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