Jetson orin nx ,进入不了BIOS,直接进入系统

jetson orin nx ,在生产测试过程中,发现有些设备,进入不了BIOS,直接进入系统,有些则可以通过开机界面的提示操作,进入BIOS。有没有非切莫操作的方法,可以配置boot启动选项,因为boot启动不修改的话,开机会比较慢

Jetsons don’t actually have a BIOS. The equivalent software for an eMMC model is generally in a partition, but there is also QSPI memory on the module itself, and some content is sometimes stored there. All of the boot content is installed via flash, so if you have not flashed at least once with a compatible release I would expect failure.

Orin can use L4T R35.x or R36.x (L4T is what actually gets flashed, and this is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers). If the boot and “equivalent” of BIOS is from the other major release (relative to the rootfs/operating system), then boot will more or less always fail.

UEFI is used on Orin, and during boot there is a hardware-dependent set of code which runs. This is the primary issue, but then a more or less object-oriented uniform interface is created via UEFI which is what gives the ability be flexible in what boots. If either dependent or independent boot code does not set up the environment correctly, then the next stage will fail to run as expected.

The list of L4T releases is here:

Does this mean that I need to re-flash QSPI with using the realease R35.x or R36.x ?

Yes. Whatever your rootfs release version is, the QSPI must be flashed with the major release that matches that. On eMMC models this might be other partitions rather than QSPI; with SD-card-only dev kits this is always QSPI.

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