Jetson orin nx core module damaged, unable to open camera configuration

I encountered a problem using the ORIN NX module. I believe that the core of the RMA cannot be turned on by the only one who can configure our 4-way camera. Other cores can
bsp 3521 jetpack5.1
jetson orin nx

Abnormal Core Log

3004orin_nxv2.txt (86.3 KB)

Normal Core Log

3004mipi.txt (73.8 KB)

hello father,

I don’t understand your description clearly.
are you saying it’s hardware issue? according to your abnormal log, there’s camera device registration failed.

[  346.941152] imx219 0-0010: reset-gpios not found
[  346.945958] imx219 0-0010: tegra camera driver registration failed
[  346.953217] imx219 7-0010: reset-gpios not found
[  346.958385] imx219 7-0010: tegra camera driver registration failed

Yes, I found that one of the five cores is abnormal, while the other four are working normally

what’s cores you were mentioned here, CPU core?

jetson orin nx 16g emmc

what exactly the platforms with/without the failure.

Based on the development board made by Jetson Orin nx, 4 mipi cameras have been connected

I’m asking what’s the difference between OK/NG test results.
is it hardware or software issue?
for example,
do you have same hardware setups but always got the failure on the specific platform?
or, there’re some certain steps to reproduce the failure?

Sorry for the late reply. We are using the same board, and the normal core result is that the status is that four mipi cameras can be opened, but this defective core can only open two. The logs before the error log have already been submitted, and only one out of a few hundred pieces is this problem

it should be hardware issue, please contact the NVIDIA Customer Care team for the RMA process.

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