Jetson Orin NX FFMPEG video playback crashes

By using ffmepg for hard decoding, errors have been consistently reported. The ffmpeg downloaded from NVIDIA also reported an error;
Decoder with hard decoder H264_ Nvv4l2dec, but use ffplay to specify the use of this h264_ NVv4l2dec decoder crashes when playing MP4 videos

This is reported in
Ffmpeg failed to decode with h264_nvv4l2dec, Segmentation fault!

It is under investigation. Will let you know once the package is updated.

Hello, when can the optimization be completed?

At present, connecting an 8K monitor with Orin nx HDMI cannot recognize it. Later, it was found that it can only support edid and cannot support Displayid. The maximum storage resolution of edid is 4095. Please see if you can update this together.

It looks expected. We support 8K mode in DP out. And 4K mode in HDMI out.

My device is a 7680 * 1080 device, which is equivalent to a resolution of 1 channel 4K; Can you also support display ID in HDMI, so that HDMI can also support devices with resolutions exceeding 4095?

On current releases, we support standard resolution 3840x2160. Special resolutions may not work properly. Would like to suggest use standard resolution in your use-case.

Thank you very much for your reply. May I ask if Ffmpeg failed to decode with h264_ nvv4l2dec, Segmentation fault! When can the issue be updated?

It is under debugging. Will update the status once the package is refreshed.

The package is refreshed. Please check
【jetpack 5.1.2】Error while loading shared libraries: - #10 by DaneLLL

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