Jetson orin nx layout symbol, drawing?

Are there any drawing of the complete module, I mean the so-dimm 260 and the orin module?
Like to make my own layout, but where exactly are the drills for the orin module in respect to the so-dimm connector?

Module schematics are not publicly released. Only the carrier board schematics are available. The closest you can get is possibly an IBIS model (which treats the module as a black box).

The publicly available docs, including carrier board docs, could be found here:

I’m really not asking for the schematics, I like the drawing for the module with the so-dimm connector. “mechanical drawing”, so I don’t have to measure that from the layout, and make some mistakes there.

I don’t know which CAD models are available, but I suspect that model is in the downloads URL I gave above. Check this out:$product,jetson_orin_nx

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