Jetson Orin NX - MODULE-ID Output Type

Looking at upgrading from use of Jetson Xavier NX to Orin NX. ON our host PCB, pin 217 is grounded (as per the Xavier NX pin specification). On Orin NX module, this pin is MODULE_ID which is an output. It’s not clear that this is an open-drain output where connecting to ground would be OK. Please can someone clarify.

It is floating on Orin NX module. You can find its usage in the Design Guide doc.

Thank you. So, to be clear, I take that to mean that an Orin NX module would not be damaged if it was connected into a host PCB that connected the MODULE_ID pin to GROUND. Please can you confirm that this is correct.

(I accept that this would mean we could not use the information that the MODULE_ID signal is intended to provide. However, in our design, that doesn’t appear to be needed.)

It is ok to connect it to GND or not if you do not use it as EN of power switch. The key point is your carrier board should provide correct voltage level to module which would be 5V-20V to Orin NX module.