Jetson Orin NX Multiplex Display Out Problem

Hi NVIDIA colleagues:

As described in the design guide, Orin NX only supports 1 display out (DP/eDP or HDMI). If I want to output two HDMI channels, can I use other interfaces and protocol conversion chips to output?

Does Orin NX have a recommended design for two or multiple display outputs?

Hi, as you can see in the DG: Only one interface is available. However, DisplayPort does support multi-head display through MST.

Hi Trumany:

Thank you for your reminder. Do Orin NX have a recommended DP MST HUB reference design? (The chipset one DP in, two HDMI out) we want to make two channels of HDMI out.
Looking forward to your reply, thank you!

We have no recommendation on this. Please check with vendors for that.

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