Jetson Orin NX NVMe and CSI


I have two different questions:

  1. I would like to use 2 2-lanes cameras and 1 4-lanes camera. Is this configuration supported?
  2. I have seen in the datasheet that the NVMe needed for storage should be connected in X1 PCIe. However, I currently have an SSD connected using the M2 format(PCIe X4) on my carrier board. Is it possible to use the M2 interface for the NVMe and thus to use X4 PCIe?


hello jprobst,

yes, it is supported.
please visit Jetson Download Center for the Jetson Orin NX Series Design Guide.
you may see chapter-10 and check [Figure 10-1. CSI Connection Options] for reference.

no, Secondary storage needs to be provided through NVMe using PCIe.

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