Jetson Orin NX - USB Chip RTS5420-GR


We are in the process of developing a board using Orin NX module. We need to utilize the RTS5420-GR for USB purposes and have reached out to Realtek for the datasheet. However, we have not received a response. We’re unsure why it’s so challenging to obtain this information. Could you either share the datasheet with us or suggest an alternative device and its circuitry? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. You can reach out to us at

Thank you.

We can’t share data sheet of 3rd-party. Please check with vendor for that.

I’d like to inform you that I have reached out to Realtek via the contact information available on their official website. However, as of now, I’ve only received automated responses without any concrete feedback.

Given the uncertainty regarding their response time, I was wondering if you might be aware of any alternative chips that we could consider for our project. Your recommendations and assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

We don’t have other recommendation on this. You can check with vendor or the suppliers in ecosystem for other possible options that have been validated by them.

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