Jetson Orin NX with ArduCam AR0234

I’ve got following hardware :
Jetson Orin NX 16 GB
Camera : Arducam AR0234 (with MIPI interface)
Carrier board : Jetson ARK PAB Carrier

What are correct stepps for enabling this camera on this hardware ?

Only Jetson Linux supported by this carrier board is 35.3.1 which is also compatybile with Jetvariery Arducam Cameras (which includes 35.3.1).

I flashed this Jetson Linux, then installed Jetvariety Arducam drives by installation script - installation was succesfull without any errors.
I’ve no idea how to modify device tree for enabling this camera …
This is link to custom device tree for this carrier board :

Could You provide me necessary stepps for enable this camera and/or modify device tree ?

I would suggest consult with vendor.
Otherwise you need reference to below programing guide to integrate the device tree and driver to the system.

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