Jetson Orin power connector

The spec sheet that I have come across for the Orin says that it has a Wieson Technologies
AC0002-0011-001-HH barrel connector for the power connector. A pinout is given but there is no reference to which pin is which. Wieson’s website doesn’t indicate that they make barrel connectors and searching for that part number on their website comes up with nothing. I would like to use the Orin dev kit as a drop-in replacement for the Xavier dev kit that we are using in some test/demo machines that we have at our office but considering how expensive and hard-to-get they are, I’m not interested in just plugging it in to see if the pinout is still the same. Has anyone here tried this or just knows for sure what the pinout is. Can I just plug a connector that powered an Xavier into an Orin?

I’ve done some more searching online and still haven’t found anything. The migration guide talks about most of the other connectors but not the barrel jacks. Does anyone know for sure if they have the same polarity or not?

The DC Jack on Xavier and Orin are compatible with same pin polarity.

Thank you. I have plugged it in and it is working fine.

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