Jetson Orin: Running DLA and GPU cores at the same time

Is this old topic from Jetson Xavier still valid for Jetson Orin?


You can run trtexec in the different consoles directly.
Since there are some APIs changes in TensorRT, the sample ( might not work on JetPack 5.


Hi AastaLLL,
I could however compile TensorRT_Sample with a modification to line48 in “tools.h” (it compiles successfully with some Warnings “TRT Deprecated” in NvInfer.h)

This is the change I made:
line 48: void log(Severity severity, const char* msg) override
line48: virtual void log(Severity severity, const char* msg) noexcept override


Thanks for the update.
It’s good to know the sample still works with the update.

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