Jetson Orin USB Cam and CSI camera not returning frames

We are using Jetson Orin with a e-con systems e-CAM20_CUOAGX CSI camera and we are currently having an issue where the camera is not returning frames, we have had a couple of instances where it does however we do not get them the majority of the time.

We had moved to this camera after experiencing issues with using a Arducam USB camera where we would have the camera working fine yet it would then no longer return frames and then a reset of the port would not work and we would have to move the the USB cam to a different USB socket, we had followed previous suggestions of using the overlay_usb_35.3.1.tbz2 however that did not fix the USB issue, I am unsure if they two issues are related but I put in incase they are .

Our main issue currently is the CSI camera and the error that shows is VIDIOC_DQBUF - Unable to dequeue buffer : Resource temporarily unavailable
Could not grab image (select timeout): Resource temporarily unavailable
any assistance on this would be appreciated.
dmesg_log2.txt (122.1 KB)

Please consult with E-CON for the driver integration.


With regard to the issue we have been having with the USB camera needing to be unplugged and plugged into another port, the camera shows as connected but will not display anything until it is replugged is there anything further you can point us to on this we have followed some other suggestions from the forums and tried the overlay_usb_35.3.1.tbz2 however this did not resolve our issue for that.


Please directly test on rel-35.4.1. The usb overlay on rel35.3.1 is firmware update.

Same firmware is also present on rel-35.4.1. To check if your issue is something new, need to use latest BSP to test.

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