Jetson os error

Hello devlopers,

I am using jetson nano devloper kit of waveshare and I got a question on that
If I change the os or memory card so there is any other configurations that I have to change
Because I am facing the problem that my code generate the pwm but after I change the memory card the pwm is not generate nd again I add that memory card where the pwm is generated still there is not generate PWM.

Can I have to change any additional configuration??


Are you using the correct BSP? Like the one from Waveshare?

Yes I am using waveshare jetson nano

I mean you should check what is flashed into your device, because vendors may have some customization on their carrier board, causing software components from NVIDIA’s default BSP to be not compatible with it.

i have a jetson nano devloper kit

Have you re-flashed the device as indicated here?

Thank you so much for your help my problem is solved using busybox