Jetson pca9685 pwm motor control

I’m trying to control bldc motor using pwm singnal from pca9685 . Can’t find perfect way to do it . I’m using a regular pwm esc which is connnected to motor andPCA9685 and PCA9685 conected to i2c port of jetson nano.

hello sanatan,

please refer to below two topics for using Nano PWM,

Thnx jerry for your reply . The link u send is using pwm pins in Jetson board bt I’m using a pwm driver which is connected to i2c port (pin no3 &5 ). I already tested servos and it’s working . But not able to control bldc motor . And also I saw that Jetson taking too much time to run the code around 5…7 sec.which is not good for RTOS type work.

hello sanatan,

you’ll need to use PWM pin to configure the period and duty width manually:
for example,

echo <period_val> > /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip0/pwmN/period
echo <duty_width> > /sys/class/pwm/pwmchip0/pwmN/duty_cycle

please access Jetson Nano Developer Kit Pinmux to check available pin configurations. you should have customization and apply the pin settings.
here’s developer guide for your reference, pinmux changes.

hii jerry,

you mean to configure the pca9685 pins?

Here is my setup …

hello sanatan,

I meant you’re able to have pinmux customization to configure pin-32 and pin-33 as PWM for further usage.

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I want to control more than one pwm output. If pin 32 and 33 can handle thn I will use pwm pins