Jetson Pinmux clarifications

I’m trying to generate a pinmux configuration for AGX Xavier and I’m not sure if I should use the script in the t19x or the t186 folder.

I believe t19x is for Xavier based modules (AGX Xavier, Xavier-NX), while t186 is for TX2 (Parker) based modules (TX2), however when looking in the Jetpack Archive, I can see that AGX Xavier, Xavier-NX, and TX2 are all grouped into the t186 BSP and sample root filesystem (based on the downloadable tar file name.
For example:

I’m guessing that it’s just a grouping them out of convenience, but I’m just trying to confirm if this also applies to the pinmux as well.


please also check the developer guide, Pinmux Changes for the steps of pinmux configuration applied by the software.

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