Jetson power GUI parameters for jetson orin nx are not displaying properly

jetson orin nx
jetpack 5.1.2
Linux 35.4.1

In the process of use, VDD_IN, VDD_CPU_GPU_CV, VDD_SOC in the power GUI found that the display is not normal, and it is the same in jtop.

The display in the jetson xavier nx board is normal,The situation is shown in the following figure:

Hi simon_li_113,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Orin NX?

What do you mean about “normal” or “not normal”?

A custom board is used, and the value of the parameter VDD_IN in the power GUI is not correct

The power GUI shows that VDD_IN is 0mW, which is not correct

Do you have the custom power design on carrier board may cause this issue?

How do you reproduce this issue?
Would VDD_IN still show 0V after you reboot the board?

After the restart, VDD_IN is still 0mW

Why is VDD_IN 0mW?
I don’t know how to measure the VDD_IN voltage on the core board

Do you have the devkit to reproduce the same issue?
It seems the issue is specific to your custom carrier board.

Again, I’m using the graphics tool flash board, and the VDD_IN parameter in the power GUI is wrong

In addition, the following images I found from the forum, the parameters seem to be correct.

We have two reference models, xavier nx and orin nano, and find that xavier nx’s VDD_IN display is correct, while orin nano is wrong.

In your result, since the reading from jtop and PowerGUI are the same, we don’t think the issue is caused from the tool itself.

Is this carrier board designed by you?
Are you using the same carrier board for Xavier NX and Orin Nano?

The base plates of xavier nx and orin nano are different. What is the relationship between the VDD_IN voltage and the base plate? Isn’t it core board internal voltage?

Please help to check if you can reproduce the same issue on the devkit first.
Or it may be the issue specific to your custom carrier board.

Isn’t VDD_IN the voltage on the core board? The bottom plate is to provide voltage to the core board, VDD_IN should not be related to the bottom plate

I would like to ask how the value of VDD_IN is calculated, is there a related script?

Please study the reference schematic and PCB assembly files of the P3768_A04 board package in DLC to get the point to measure the VDD_IN.
Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit Carrier Board Reference Design Files

VDD_IN is the power rail from carrier board. It is 0v on your board. If you are using custom carrier board, you should check with the vendor for how to measure the VDD_IN and why it is 0v.

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