Jetson - > product?

We are a small startup currently field testing a mobile info-management system. We’ve got our system ported to use the Jeston TK1 for a prototype and with an eye to the future we are considering options on a production board.
Since we are not a tier one supplier (an certainly not an auto mfr) we’ve been told we cannot get access to the NVidia pro board. Which is a bit of a nut-buster I must say.
We can’t see going to production with the dev board. So that leaves us with building a board ourselves.

Anyone else in our situation?

Have you asked from NVIDIA’s partners?

O^O … I will now ;)

I recalled a thread from a while back:

“GE has partnered with NVIDIA to provide small-form-factor modules and custom tiled designs for embedded applications”

Sent requests for info to three companies on the partners page and have gotten ZERO replies after a week. So, thanks for this… I have reached out to Dustin.

Thanks for linking, Kangalow. We’ll have to get the partners page updated. For now, PM me about the TK1-powered embedded mini module.