Jetson recomputer j1020 deleted boot file

i accidentally deleted the boot folder and jetson nano is open right now.If I close it, if I can’t open it again, what should I do.Please help urgently.It coincided with my carelessness.Can you help me?

Suggest to reflash your device by following vendor’s user guide and BSP.

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If the system is still running, and if you have a copy of that content, then you can copy it back in via rsync or scp, though flash is likely needed if anything does not go right. You can clone the existing rootfs or use rsync to back up the running system to the extent that it is still present.

Incidentally, if you have a loopback mountable SD card image which is the exact release you created from, then you could copy just the “/boot” content from that. If this is indeed an SD card, then you don’t even need to clone since you can move the SD card to the host PC and fix it from there using another SD card image on loopback mount.

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I did reflash and ıt worked.Thanks.

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