Jetson SDK Manager Command Line trouble flashing tx2 with jetpack v3.3.3

Using latest Jetson SDK Manager command line to attempt to flash Jetson Tx2 with jetpack v3.3.3 but having issues:

sdkmanager --cli install --logintype devzone --product Jetson --version 3.3.3 --targetos Linux --host --target P3310-1000 --flash all

result: (using ‘…’ to denote left out debug)

Server data loaded successfully
jetson version 3.3.3 does not support Linux target OS on P33310-1000
Available options are:

Jetson 4.5.1

Jetson 4.5

However when I run the SDK Manager with the GUI I can use the Jetson jetpack V3.3.3 just fine and flash the tx2

Any suggestions?

Found the solution!
Had to use:
–version GA_3.3.3
instead of --version 3.3.3