Jetson SDK Manager Does not working well

NV_CUDA_CROSS_HOST_COMP.log (564 Bytes) NV_CUDA_HOST_COMP.log (352 Bytes) NV_L4T_NVIDIA_NSIGHT_GRAPHICS_HOST_COMP.log (564 Bytes) NV_L4T_NVIDIA_NSIGHT_SYSTEMS_HOST_COMP.log (564 Bytes) NV_OPENCV_HOST_COMP.log (480 Bytes) NV_VISIONWORKS_HOST_COMP.log (1.6 KB) NV_VPI_HOST_COMP.log (444 Bytes) sdkm.log (77.7 KB) sdkm-2020-05-19-11-59-21.log (2.8 KB) sdkm-2020-05-19-11-59-24.log (297.3 KB) sdkm-2020-05-19-17-16-51.log (3.0 KB) sdkm-2020-05-19-17-16-54.log (77.7 KB)

I just want to install host pc settings from sdk manager for developing Jetson TX2 Dev. Kit. But I cannot fix this error.

I perfectly beginner of Ubuntu OS.

OS what I installed is Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.

I want to change the question. I would like to build a remote development environment using a Ubuntu 18.04.x ​​version of the PC and a recently purchased Jetson TX2 development kit. According to the CUDA Toolkit documentation, only Ubuntu version 18.04.3 is available, but the currently released version is version 18.04.4. Can I build a remote development environment using that version? The host PC has a Geforce GT630 graphics card. Can I debug it remotely with this graphics card as well?

Does sdk manager work only in clean OS? I installed xrdp, ssh, vim, openjdk-8-jre first, would this be a problem ??