Jetson selection

How a particular Jetson module is selected out all jetson series? are they selected based on deep learning application?

Hi @alok5844, typically they are selected by your application’s compute requirements and memory capacity that’s needed, in addition to other factors that your embedded platform has like SWaP-C (Size, Weight, Power, and Cost). For example, if you are using a Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit, you can emulate the other Orin modules with it to run benchmarks/ect that will aid you in selecting the appropriate module for your application:

Hi @dusty_nv

Nice to meet you here, I really admire your passion in Deep Learning and Jetson modules. I have completed all jetson inference(git hub) experiments. Also I received Jetson AI Specialist from you.

my query :
I support for NVIDIA Jetson devices in a company, so I really need that basic information completely. Please help me with some needful resources.

That’s great to hear @alok5844, thanks so much for getting your AI Specialist certification! There is a table on the page below that compares the specs of all the Jetson modules - I hope that you will find it useful:

Thankyou @dusty_nv

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