Jetson shuts down when running classification_interactive

I’m going through the Nvidia Getting Started With AI on Jetson Nano. I’m in the image classification section (having successfully navigated through Hello Camera).

I am using the dlinano image. I have connected to the Nano using port 8888. The Jupyter notebook classification_interactive comes up just fine, and I can run through each of the cells just fine. The interactive tool comes up with no problem, and the camera (a USB Logitech) is initialized and ready to go. I can take 30 shots of a thumbs up, and 30 of a thumbs down.

When I click the train button, I do not get the expected training data. Within a minute or two the Nano powers down. Then I receive a Server Connection Error.

Fortunately, when I boot the whole thing back up, and go back into the Jupyter lab, it kept my settings so I am able to re-run. But it does the same thing every time.


Shutdown is usually related to the power starvation.
Please read this topic for the recommendation of Nano’s power supply:

And could you set the device into 5W mode to see if helps first?

sudo nvpmodel -m 1


Thank-you sir. That did the trick.

Oops: I don’t know if you’re a sir or a ma’am. My bad.

I had the same problem and setting the nvpmodel helped

Hi guys,

I’m having almost same problem, but I’m pretty sure is no power issue because I’m using a 5V 30W power supply. Is any way (log file for example) for checking why this is powering off suddenly? It’s always happen when I run some inference models, and I only did some software changes, hardware hasn’t changed.

Best regards!