Jetson SOM AGX is not booting

Hi Team,

After Connecting M.2 KEY M Adapter card the Jetson AGX Xavier SOM seems to be broken and it’s not booting or the display is not coming up via HDMI/ type c alt mode etc.
I replaced that module’s carrier card with another JEtson SOM it’s now booting and working fine
Is there a way to recover the SOM Board ? All the voltage rails were fine when I probed the carrier card.

How do I recover the jetson SOM? [Not Booting and Display not coming up]


Actually, when you are not able to booting, and you don’t know whether this is hardware or software issue, you should directly try to flash your board with SDManager… it will wiped out the data and reinstall the BSP again.

This is the basic tool that you should start from. Please be aware that you need another x86 ubuntu 18.04 host for it.

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