Jetson Tablet Mode

Is there a way to use Jetson ubuntu as a tablet-like interface, i.e android, ubuntu tablet? Otherwise, the Jetson series only can be research purpose not for off the shelf user interface…?

HI el101001,

The Jetson platform is designed for edge AI computing and autonomous machines, the form factor is not suitable for tablet product. Maybe some developers integrate with a touch panel and battery pack, then can be a portable device as tablet like.

I think my actual question is that once I developed a real-time object detection program using Tensorflow and other programs based on ROS, is there a way for a non-computer user to just use the app like androids? Instead of log-in into ubuntu and run the cmd lines? In this manner, I thought other types of OS can be suitable. But I didn’t find any clue that Jetson TX series can adopt other OS.