Jetson TK1 1.5mm pin pitch on expansion header?


I got my Jetson tk1 just after its release and I have been having a problem with the spacing of the expansion headers pins

Everywhere I look it is documented as being a 2 mm pitch but I measured it and i have a 1.5 mm pitch

Does anyone know of an adapter board to expand the 1.5mm pitch to a more standard 2.0mm or 2.5mm pitch?

There are 25 pins spread over about 1.9 inches (long direction of the headers). These are definitely 2 mm pitch for the expansion header. If you have something with 2 mm pitch not working it may be the thickness of the pins themselves being too large.

I just measured the length of my header and it measures to 2.09 inches that is for all 50 pins cut that in half for 25 pin and i get 1.045 inches my numbers are definitely showing that my header must be smaller.

I use 2.0mm pin jumper wire and 2.5mm DuPont Crimp Connectors with housings for my break out projects and neither of them seem to be able to be lined up in a row with out me having to bend the pins

Please ignore this thread in my disorganization I might have mixed my 2mm and 2.5mm pins and used the 2.5mm on the jetson thus causing the connectors not to sit properly.