Jetson TK1 + 2 x ASUS Xtion Pro


I want to use two Xtion Pro sensors in my robot for the obstacles avoidance purposes and I’m considering to use Jetson TK1 platform but first I have to dispel some of my doubts. First of all I know that every PrimeSense sensor need separate USB bus because of high data transition rate so my question is: is it possible to connect and correctly handle two Xtion sensors with Jetson platform? I know there is some problems with Xtion and USB3.0 - have someone try it under Jetson? And the last: do I have to use microUSB to USB adapter? (Jetson have only USB3.0 and microUSB as far as I know).

I would be really grateful for any help!

I have an Xtion Pro Live sitting here which I have not had a chance to test yet…it might still take awhile. According to the box it is USB2, so USB3 will not change anything.

The full-size USB connector handles USB2 or USB3 connectors and works with one of the three root HUBs in the Tegra K1. The micro USB connector is type A/B and if used with a micro-A (the cable which comes with Jetson is micro-B) the connector has it’s own root HUB as well. The third USB controller goes to an optional D+/D- pair on the mini-PCIe slot, but does not appear to normally be activated (kernel command line parameters might do most of the work for activating it).

So two USB connectors are actually available with just a cable. To have two sensors with each on its own root HUB one would use the full-size connector and the other the micro-B connector. No USB would be available for keyboard/mouse. Likely a powered HUB would work fine by adding just keyboard/mouse (powered because of Xtion Pro power consumption, plus most every HUB these days has transaction translators to avoid bus slowdown from slower items like keyboard/mouse).

So the question is…what kind of testing would you do? I have only a single Xtion Pro but I’ve been busy with other things and am not familiar with what software to use on one of these 3D sensors.

Thank you for your answer! As far as I know there are some problems with handling Xtion under USB3.0 - there is apparently a patch for it but I haven’t tested it yet.

No place for keyboard/mouse is not a problem because I can connect to the board via SSH and testing Xtion is not so simple because openni2 package should be downloaded and compiled specially for ARM architecture. I can see now I would be pretty timeconsuming but it achiveable. Thank you again!

It might help to know that Jetson arrives with R19.2, and that the newest L4T is R21.2…that on all currently available versions the USB defaults to USB2. USB3 can be enabled on any of the versions via kernel options, on any of the ports…but only the full-sized USB connector has the wiring for USB3 (and USB3 reverts to USB2 unless those wires are present).

I use Asus Xtion Pro Live without problem connecting it both on USB2 and USB3 port.
I have not installed the patch to activate USB3 on my Jetson, but it is not needed if you are not using any USB3 devices.
I installed OpenNI2 from repo and it works very well, but you can also compile it by yourself following my guide:

I added a link to this to the sticky on Jetson web links, thanks!

I like to share my work… so it is a pleasure.

Have you tried this on Jetson TX1?