Jetson tk1: add web browser flash support for the Chromium Browser

Just copied the pepper flash libs from the Archlinux armv7 distribution to /usr/lib and
added these flags to the file:

If you follow this example you may need to create the directory PepperFlash:
sudo mkdir /usr/lib/PepperFlash/
and then copy the file there.

Then I installed the “Magic actions for Youtube” extension in Chromium and forced the use of flash for video playback.

Flash video (Youtube and others) works nice in Chromium, also Flash games are working now.

Currently I can not find the chromium pepper flash package in the Ubuntu 14.04 armhf package archives, why is this missing ?

You can find the lib file here:

Peter Bauer

Thanks for the armhf packages i could’nt find them anywere else

You can do the steps listed above, or you can use a small script I wrote that will automatically download chromium and the flash libs needed and install it all for you. I use it to quickly get the flash player working again everytime I completely flash my board. You can download it at the link below,

Hope it helps!

Thank you for writing the script.
I already wrote a bug report, hopefully your script will be
redundant in some months.

Hey no problem. Thank you for filing that bug report. I just got tried of having to perform the same steps every time I wanted to flash my board. Hopefully it gets fixed soon!

I copied and all of the other files you linked to to /usr/lib/PepperFlash/, and added the flag to /etc/chromium-browser/default, but when I try to use Flash in Chromium, it tells me that “Shockwave Flash has crashed.” This appears immediately after loading a Flash-enabled page.