Jetson TK1 - Admin rights?

Greetings. Absolutely everything I do, including just changing the time, requires root privileges before running and must be executed through the console. Is there any way I can just enable changing the clock to sync with the internet’s time instead of manually syncing it with each boot? Or is there a method to always use root when opening applications or installing them? I can not install anything from the software center because I do not have the privileges, and must find and download the .deb files and install them manually with root through the console.

Has anyone gotten past these annoyances, or do I just have to deal with them as I go? Thanks.

Either use sudo or login as root.

Odd. that the deb files didn’t ask for root password if you just double click it.

I’ve currently been using sudo to do everything. I do not actually get a prompt for logging into the Jetson, it just goes to a blank screen, then logs in under ubuntu by default. I do not have sufficient privileges to log out of or shut the machine down under the ubuntu account. Logging in as root seems like an awesome way to go, actually, I’ll have to see if I can manage it!

First, create a new user account for yourself and for anyone else who might be working on the unit. Do it from the commandline. Use the file-browser to fin ‘xterm’ undre /usr/bin and open it up, maybe pin it to the task launcher while you are doing this. Open the xterm and start a new user account with

adduser yourusername

Then follow the prompts.

Now edit your /etc/sudoers file, ideally with visudo. Make sure your new user has the same rights as “root”. Save and exit visudo. For those who don't know how to use vi` which is your default editor on any *NIX system, use the keyboard cursor arrow keys to get below the line that has the permissions entry for root, and press “i” to insert yor characters. When you are done, press the ESC key once, then again, and when you see a “:” colon prompt there, type in “wq” and hit “enter” key. If you don’t want to save as you exit, at the colon prompt “:” now type “q!” and hit “enter” key.

Look in the lightdm (window manager) config files. There’s a default-user and/or default-session setting in there. Turn off the default-user setting for user “ubuntu”.

Reboot. You should see window manager “lightdm” in “X” display, with default login for your new user. You will have to give it a password that you selected in process of “adduser”.

From commandline, you should have all root priveleges.

Alternatively, from the default “ubuntu” login, get “xterm” commandline and type `sudo /bin/bash’ and then once you are root, type ‘su - root’ to get proper login and set all shell variables proper to true root login.

So I managed to create the account and edit the user.conf, which did not have a default user login set, and attempted to force it to show a login, which it did not.

The machine booted into user ubuntu, and once the screen went into power save mode, I could enter the new user account… which is on the same lockdown as the ubuntu user with a twist. I now have an option to “switch account” in an attempt to login to root, however, choosing this option gives me an infinite loop at a terminal, non-gnome screen.

Essentially, nothing was really accomplished. At this point I would just like to reflash with the default user as root or something, because this is seriously limiting what I can do with this board…

EDIT: If it helps, I flashed this to my board:

Have you tried sudo -i ?

ubuntu@tegra-ubuntu:~$ sudo -i
[sudo] password for ubuntu:
root@tegra-ubuntu:~# whoami

This assisted me in launching applications as root, however all the GUI interfaces deny me permissions to do about anything. Attempting to start software-center gives me some dbus error. I feel that I really just need to reflash my board with a the kernel source and not the provided example.

Here you can see that I can not install or remove any programs which I have installed through various deb files.

You wrote:
“Here you can see that I can not install or remove any programs which I have installed through various deb files.”

-How did you install this various deb files ?

  • If you installed via Ubuntu software center, synaptic or from the
    command line with apt it should be easy to remove
  • Have a look on the apt command: APT essentials
  • get root privileges with sudo -i and try apt-get remove

Through the terminal using sudo dpkg -i package. I can not emphasize enough that I can not use the Ubuntu software center. I will try installing synaptic, but I doubt it will do any good.

Why is this kernel so locked down it does not want you using the software center or even logging off the unit?

EDIT: The unit fails to find it’s own version of synaptic, so I will attempt to install it from here: 0.81.1ubuntu1 : synaptic : armhf : Trusty (14.04) : Ubuntu

Could someone please humor me and tell me if this works for them?