Jetson TK1 and Stereo Vision


I am currently learning some stereo vision applications (i.e. depth mapping, disparity mapping …). I have written a desktop application using C++ and OpenCV in order to process stereo images and video flux.

The goal of the project is to use an embedded system which will at least process depth maps in “real time”. Firstly, two cameras will have to send the video flux to my desktop application which will post process it. Secondly, image processing will have to be implemented on the board.

I am not sure about the resolution of the captured images for now, but I think I will go with 320x240 or 640x480. Ideally, I would like both cameras to operate at 20-30 FPS.

In order to carry out my project successfully, I need to choose a capable enough embedded device which will do the job.

I am considering using 2 CSI cameras in order to achieve stereo vision

I currently do not own a kit and I would like to know if the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 is a reliable board for this kind of application.

Thanks for your answers

We have an USB stereo camera called “Tara” which supports Jetson TK1. Tara - 3D USB3 stereo camera is based on OnSemi imaging’s MT9V024 sensor. Tara can be used by customers to develop their Stereo Camera algorithms and also by customers who would want to integrate Stereo Camera in their product design. Tara support applications such as Depth Sensing, Disparity Map, Point Cloud, Machine vision, Drones, 3D video recording, Surgical robotics, etc.

The Jetson Tk1 supports 1 4lane camera and 1 single lane camera maximum at the same time. We can provide a customized solution for your needs if you wish to use CSI cameras.

Thanks for your answer.

We have an USB stereo camera called “Tara”

Yes this device caught my attention. I was sneaking around the net to find some cameras, and you seem to be the least expensive on the market.

As a student, I have really low incomes. My goal is to build the cheapest stereo vision system possible for experiment purposes. Unfortunately, a Jetson TK1 accompanied with the Tara device is too expensive for me.

We can provide a customized solution for your needs if you wish to use CSI cameras.

I am not limited to CSI only, but does a USB device such as Tara would not be limited by the TK1 USB bandwidth?

We can provide a customized solution for your needs if you wish to use CSI cameras.

I am open to all suggestions.

Bandwidth will not be a problem as the maximum resolution is only 2*752x480 @ 60fps.

CSI camera cost is too high for your budget. We suggest you to evaluate our Tara - USB Stereo camera, this camera should suffice for your requirements.

I totally agree, I will go with Tara. I just need to gather a little bit more money.

Could you tell me a little bit more about the performances of the TK1 and the Tara stereo camera : how much FPS can I expect if run OpenCV on the board in order to get a real time depth map?

I have a Jetson TK1 and Jetson TX1 with the Tara Stereo Camera.

For testing, we tried to get the Tara Stereo Camera working on a normal Ubuntu Linux 14.04, but when we try to run

sudo -i TaraCamViewer

, it gives the message “No devices connected,” even though the camera has a green light on, meaning it’s connected.

Is there a way to get the Tara Stereo Camera working on Ubuntu 14.04 or the Jetson TK1/TX1? If there is a way to get it working on the Jetson TK1/TX1, can you send installation instructions? We are not sure if the TARA-Stereo-Vision-USB3-Camera-Linux-SDK-User-Manual.pdf will work for our 16.04 TX1 or 14.04 TK1.

The camera will stream 60 fps in all resolutions when connected in USB 3.0

TaraDepth Viewer :
Resolution : WVGA Frame Rate : 7
Resolution : VGA Frame Rate : 8
Resolution : QVGA Frame Rate : 19

TaraDisparity Viewer :
Resolution : WVGA Frame Rate : 12
Resolution : VGA Frame Rate : 13
Resolution : QVGA Frame Rate : 30

These are the framerates as per the default build procedure given with the SDK. The framerates can be further improved when performance optimizations (CUDA, TBB, NEON etc) are enabled in opencv build.

You can inquire about that through a mail to e-con support team will help you to fix this issue.