jetson TK1 - any possibility to connect 4 lanes CSI-2?


I’m trying to connect a CSI-2 device to the jeston board through the expension connector. I would like to use the 4 lanes of the mipi standard. But I’m not sure Jetson board can handle it.

What I’ve found in schematics :

  • CSI_A_CLK_P, CSI_A_CLK_N,CSI_A_D0_N,CSI_A_D1_P,CSI_A_D1_N signals : seems to be a 2 lanes CSI-2 port to me.

  • CSI_B_D0_P,CSI_B_DO_N,CSI_B_D1_P,CSI_B_D1_N : seems to be 2 data lanes of a second port… But already there I’m wondering where are the clock signals??? Perhaeps those two lanes complete port CSI_A port to reach 4 lanes???

  • CSI_E_CLK_P,CSI_E_CLK_N,CSI_E_D0_P,CSI_E_DO_N: seems to be a 1 lane CSI-2 port.

Anybody to tell me if it’s possible to have a full (4 data lanes + 1 clock) CSI-2 port and where to connect?

Thanks in advance.


Looking the spec, it should be possible to combine the lanes to get four lanes and a clock, but I don’t know if anybody’s been able to do so yet. A friend of mine is trying to get a Raspberry Pi camera working with the Jetson, but I believe that camera only uses two lanes.

Any updates on this issue?

So there should be a total of 5 cameras via CSI? 4 cameras via the 4x1 and another camera via the 1x1. Is this correct?

Additionally I guess USB or ethernet cameras could be added but with more overhead.