Jetson TK1 Based Card Power Issue

I am working on Jetson TK1 based custom board. I am powering up the board by providing 12V from external power supply. The board is not behaving to the power properly.

Sometimes it gets powered on right after after I provide 12V supply. Sometimes it does not power on automatically but we have to press power on button to power it on.
Strange part is that sometimes it does not even power on by pressing the power on button, then I unplug the supply and short power and GND, Also I press the power button for some time, the I plug the power again and this time the board gets on.
Problem is that when I am working on the board separately, then I can do that but when this board fits in the system, I do not have access to power button.
Can anyone tell me what might be the issue?

Jetsons are notoriously picky about power regulation quality. I am guessing the power supply is not the one which comes with the dev kit…can you confirm? If so, then this typically means tighter regulation is required.

In the case of long wires the resistance in the wires is enough to do this, and you’d need heavier gauge wires, or shorter wires. If this is not the case, then probably adding a large capacitor to the power supply right at the place of connecting to the Jetson would help (e.g., 2000uF or higher).

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