[Jetson TK1] BDI JTAG Debugger Config Files?

I see that JTAG gets mentioned a lot. Among the collection of JTAG debuggers I’ve managed to accumulate over the years I have a crazy expensive BDI3000 JTAG pod with ARM11 FW that should work with Cortex-A15 cores. I know this is a real stretch, but has anyone bothered to work out the config files that the BDI needs for the TK1 SoC? I don’t see anything useful on the Abatron or UltSol websites that have BDI-related stuff. Thanks for any pointers.

Can I assume your debugger does not use OpenOCD?

I have the “start” of some OpenOCD files for a different JTAG debugger, but this is very very minimal and not too useful. The information I was given indicates that the best place to find more information is the group at (the group includes some nVidia embedded engineers):


Yes, that’s right. The BDI has it’s own GDB server embedded in it that gdb can just connect to, plus it’s own telnet client with a CLI. The BDIs have been around a long time (I used the prior BDI2000 model many years ago). Thanks anyway!