Jetson TK1 boot from SSD?


I bought a jetson tk1 & Samsung EVO 840 120G a week ago.

I wanted to make the jetson tk1 to boot from SSD(Samsung EVO 840 120G).

But I didn’t know that how to make it.

I found some topics in this site but there’s no step-by-step instruction to make it possible.

Therefore, It would be very tkankful that let me know the steps if you know that.

I also planing to install OS on SATA SSD and searched how to do it.
I wrote How to install OS in external storage in my site.
But they are not tested.
I’m still don’t have SSD for my Jetson TK1.

Thanks a lot.
I’ll try your instruction. and then tell a result here.

Yeah should be pretty straight forward. You’ll need to flash it and specify the sata1 device I think. There are a few other guides on doing this on the forum as well. The 840 evo should be a great drive, I’ve tested with an 830 and it worked just fine.