Jetson TK1 boot over NFS

Is there a document that can help with setting up the TK1 for NFS boot ?
The flash script says
./ -N :/nfsroot eth0 - boot from NFS

But what settings/configuration needs to be done on the HOST ?


On the host side there’s nothing specific to Jetson (expect that you need the Jetson rootfs). You should google for any NFS root instructions for your host PC’s distro and start with that. When you have the basic server setup done and if you bump into any problems, you can ask more specific instructions.

Do note that you don’t need the PXE stuff you may find by googling as that’s for getting even the kernel over network but in this case you flash the kernel and the kernel tries to mount the rootfs over NFS.

One starting point:

Basically you need to enable NFS server option in your host’s kernel, you need to install NFS server on your host, you need to extract the Jetson rootfs to some directory and allow NFS server to export that to any host on your local network.