Jetson TK1 compatible PCIE Wifi?


I have tried the Intel 3060, 6530, and various other realtek or Brodcom based pcie cards.

It seems like something is disabled on the pcie side of things.

I tool the intel cards out and can confirm I have the proper iwlwifi modules and firmware built, but still can’t get them functional.

I tested the same cards in x86 hardware and they work fine.

Is nvidia disabling certain manufacturers or is there something missing on the bus?

I found that “rfkill list all” list the wlan interface as hard-blocked, and “rfkill unblock all” does not unblock it ???

So i am also unable to get wireless pci-e card working…

some suggest disabling encryption on /etc/modprobe.d/wlan-module.conf but this does not help either.

i have this same problem :

any news?