Jetson TK1 Development Board Preorder Shipping Problems

Ok… so… I preordered the Jetson TK1 from UK site that directed me to… so I ordered the Jetson on 31.03.2014… had to ship MID april… then it went for early May… and then it went for Week 22… now that Week 22 came … guess what… Estimated Shipping for Week 27…
Can I get some Nvidia support here ?
Also I requested the TK1 engeneering sheet because I dont need a software development kit I want to be make a Hardware board using TK1 and cant do that if I dont have the information from the engeneering sheet… 6 months no responce from email that I was communicating with Nvidia representitive… and after I used Live Chat Support I managed to put a request for the sheet… and that was 1-2 months befour even word for Jetson came out… and yet… I still have NO reponce from Nvidia about the Engeneering Sheet that I need so I can start working…
you can EMAIL or CALL me…
because i am seriosly thinking of not opening nVidia EVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE !

PS… here is the answer from SECO for the delay causing it to go for week 22…
Dear Alexander,

we have been informed that NVIDIA has postponed the product validation of the NVIDIA® Jetson TK1 Software Developer Board. Therefore the shipments of this product will presumably be starting from week 22.

Thanks for your kind understanding.
14-5-9 15:49
here is the actual link to the product…

What do you mean by “TK1 engineering sheet”?

If you mean the Technical Reference Manual for the SOC itself, there’s some 2000+ page TRM available on the support page. If you mean the Jetson board itself, there are schematics available on the support page. Or do you mean something else?

can you please give me a link to the SOC TRM because I have been loocking like crazy and the local company that actually can engeneer the board told me I need to find the Engeneering Sheet for the SOC “aka pins voltage bla bla bla”

You can find the link to the TRM in the “Reference Materials” section here (you probably need to register to be able to download it):

But I don’t think contains the packaging etc. electrical information needed for designing a board for it. For that you probably need to go through NVIDIA’s partners. Some information here:

yeah i saw it said its a software TRM
i put a request to Nvidia like… alittle after K1 was official… still WAITING :(
10x for the info :)
i saw the Jetson info and… i think there might be some usefull info there

well there is atleast the good news that apperantly nVidia pushed the stupid Italians and my Jetson will be in my hand by the end of 06 06 :)