Jetson TK1 does not booting up

Hi All,

I’m experiencing a wired behavior in my TK1. When my TK1 runs for about 10 hours continuously, It suddenly powers off and power on again. Even though the power is on, the operating system does not get boot up, It only lights up the power LED and the Orange color Ethernet port LED lights.

If I unplug the power cable and leave it for about 1 day, and power on again, Then it powers on without any issue and works normally. When the TK1 board is not starting up correctly I can see that the orange color LED in the Ethernet port is light up with the power on (green) LED on the board.

Can you please help me to figure out why this power failure happening when the board is running for a long time.


The fan is also working and Green power on LED and Ethernet port Orange color LED also working

Hi all,

I went through some of the topics in this forum and Found a clue on resetting the power state after a few hours is following

Basically the 0.014F capacitor is keeping +2.5V_AON_RTC signal high for hours to keep PMIC’s AC_OK (pin to indicate that the AC adaptor is present) high when cord is plugged out.

in here

And also, I tried various jumper configurations in the Front panel J1A1 headers and

Noticed if I short circuit the 2nd and 5th header (GRN_PWRLED & blue color ground pin), TK1 startup without any issue.

But I’m not sure keeping that jumper forever could cause other problems?

It looks not like a problem related to auto power on or jumper pins of J1A1.

Is it the first time you meet such problem? Do you have the log file of it? Do you try re-flash the board?

Hi @Trumany

Thank you for your reply,

Is it the first time you meet such problem?

I have been using this TK1 for about 4+ years now and I starting getting this issue about a year ago I think after upgrading the kernel. Now I’m using Linux For Tegra R21.5 with grinch-kernel

Do you have the log file of it?

Which log files ? From where can I find those log files ?

Do you try re-flash the board?

No, I have Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with the latest updates, Shall I upgrade it to 16.04 ?

Could this be a software issue? If so how the power-on issue get sorted after connecting the J1V1 pins?

Is it safe to keep those pins connected(This is just a workaround)?

Thanks again

I think Grinch was intended for R19.x releases. Quite possibly it would not make a difference when used in R21.x, but is something to keep in mind.

For logs run serial console with logging enabled from the host PC side. See:

16.04 is not officially supported.

Thanks @linuxdev,

I will collect the logs and update them.

BTW , that jumper cable thing in the J1A1 headers stopped working, and now to power on the TK1 board I have to wait about a day and after running the OS for about 4-5 hours it suddenly powers off and power on to the none-responsive state (Fan, Power LED and Ethernet LED are working but nothing else )

I couldn’t tell you where, but that sounds like a failing capacitor. One experiment you might try is that when it won’t turn on disconnect power supply, and hold the power on button for about 30 seconds. Then reconnect power and try again. Sometimes holding the power button on without power will drain other capacitors without waiting for longer times. If this works, then I’d say odds of a marginal capacitor went way up (but I couldn’t tell you which one). If this does not work, then it might still be a failing capacitor.

Hi @linuxdev , @Trumany,

Thank you very much for your support, I was able to get the TK1 up and running for some time (~2 weeks) after connecting 3.3V (main supply from the J3A1 header out) to RST_SWR_L pin in the front panel, But now it doesn’t work with that, TK1 power up for about 1~2 minutes and drop the power suddenly.

But anyway I bought a new Jetson nano from Arrow and this time bought a Mean Well RD-125A power supply as well. So , see you around with Jeston nano :)